Gelification Table of Dosages

Dosification Soft gel: 2-4 gr/L
Hard gel: 5-10 gr/L
Soft gel: 2 gr/L
Hard gel: 15 gr/L
Soft gel: 3 gr/L Soft gel: 5 gr/L
Hard gel: 13 gr/L
Soft gel: 7 gr/L
Glue effect: 30 gr/L
Solubility Boiling point Boiling point Boiling point Boiling point 3ºC
Gelling point 43ºC* 48ºC * 36/38ºC * 70ºC * 45-50ºC *
Thermal resistance 70ºC* 70ºC * 60/70ºC * 70/80ºC * 50/60ºC*
Freezing resistance NO NO YES NO
Tipe of gelification Termicreversible Termicreversible Termicreversible Termicreversible Termicreversible
Final texture (elasticity / synaeresis effect) Firm, brittle, clean cut, synaeresis tendency Firm, brittle, synaeresis tendency Flexible, viscose it gelifies again after shaking Flexible and firm Firm, elastic
Transparency Traslucent gel although not transparent Transparent gel Translucent gel althourgh not transparent Transparent gel / yellowish Transparent
Applications Cold and hot gelatines Milky gelatins, amber, aspic, coating Milky gelatins, drinkable gelatines Malleable cold and hot gelatines

*Depending on gel strength

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