In the following table we suggest the preparations that can be made with TEXTURAS and which product is the most suitable for each of them.

Gelatine Soft with dairy products (cold or hot) Iota
  Thermoirreversible (that does not melt again) Algin + Calcic
  Hard (cold or hot) Agar
  Hard (cold or hot) Gellan o Kappa
  Hot and very hard (tagliatelle) Gellan
  Sweets such as fruit pastas Agar
  Pearls with syringe Kappa o Agar
Texture areas Air (cold or hot) Lecite
  Pure alcohol air Sucro
  Cold foam Xantana
  Hot foam Metil
  Creamy foam Xantana
  Hot clouds Metil
Emulsion Water- and fat-based Glice + Sucro
Spherification Basic Algin (+ Citras) + Calcic
  Inverse Gluco + Xantana + Algin
Thicken Thick sauce (cold or hot) Xantana
  Thick, liquid-based purées Kappa
  Liquids with suspension effect Xantana
Napar Product with soft gel Iota
  Product with hard gel Kappa
Other uses pH Correction Citras
  To “stick” hot products Metil
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