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Caramelising a foie gras terrine

For the foie gras terrine

  • 1 lump of foie gras
  • c.s. milk
  • c.s. water with ice
  1. Put the lumps of foie gras in warm milk at about 40°C for 40 min, take out of the milk and cool the lump in water with ice.
  2. Wrap the foie gras in a cooking vacuum bag and put in the
    Roner for 4 min at 54°C.
  3. Cool again in iced water and recover the original shape of the foie gras with your hands.
  4. At the moment of serving, season and cover with Crumiel.
    Finish with a little grated lime peel.


  • 1 vacuum bag
  • 1 vacuum machine
  • 1 Roner
  • c.s. de Crumiel
  • Falksalt sal
  • black pepper
  • 1 lime
  • 1 grater Micro Plane
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